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Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology
Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology  /  Revue canadienne de phytopathologie
The Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology, (Can. J. Plant Pathol.) publishes the results of scientific research and other information relevant to plant pathology, as articles, notes, special topics, and reviews, in English or in French. Articles are reports of research in any field of plant pathology and must be original new contributions to science. Notes may be brief reports of work that is largely confirmatory, or advances in knowledge arising as by-products of larger studies, or descriptions of research techniques or developments in instrumentation.  Special topics are invited papers on novel topics dealing with diseases, techniques, or emerging technologies in disease control.   Reviews are focused and of general, current interest, but they provide a more comprehensive, although not exhaustive treatment.

Canadian Plant Disease Survey / Inventaire des maladies des plantes au Canada
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Canadian Plant Disease Survey

Pest Management Research Reports
Pest Management Research Reports: downloads

Maladies des grandes cultures au Canada, 1re édition, 2004
Glossaire du livre en format PDF (gratuit)
Maladies des grandes cultures au Canada

Diseases of Field Crops in Canada
Diseases of Field Crops in Canada, Third Edition
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Diseases and Pests of Vegetable Crops in Canada    
Editors: Ronald J. Howard, J. Allan Garland and W. Lloyd Seaman

Published by: The Canadian Phytopathological Society and the Entomological Society of Canada, 1994
554 pages; 1030 colour photographs. 

Excerpts in pdf

This book is now out of print, and is no longer available for purchase. The CPS plans to make a scanned version of the book available for free access on the CPS website by spring 2014. Please check back for updates.  
Diseases and Pests of Vegetable Crops in Canada

Maladies et ravageurs des cultures légumières au Canada
Maladies et ravageurs des cultures légumières au Canada 
Sous la direction de Claude Richard et Guy Boivin

616 pages; 1030 photographies couleurs.

Les stocks de ce livre sont aujourd'hui épuisés, et cet ouvrage n'est donc plus disponible en version papier. Le livre a été scanné et est disponible pour téléchargement en format pdf.

La Pathologie Végétale au Canada, 1970-2008 Vous pourriez obtenir copies de La Pathologie Végétale au Canada (version couleur, 250 pages) pour $75.00 (Can).
Plant Pathology in Canada, 1970-2008  You can obtain a colour version of Plant Pathology in Canada 1970-2008 (250 pages) for the ‘pre-publication price’ of $75.00 (Can) per copy
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Maladies des grandes cultures au Canada
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